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Teodora Visits Teodora: A Journey Through Time

A look into Binbirdirek Cistern

In the heart of our creative process lies a deep connection to history. Named after the Byzantine Empress, our Teodora collection captures the essence of various powerful empresses who left an indelible mark on history.

Our choice of location for the collection photoshoot added an extra layer of significance to this collection. The name "Binbirdirek" translates to "many columns," with "binbir" meaning many of, and "direk" meaning columns. The Binbirdirek Cistern, is in fact the second largest cistern in Istanbul, once Constantinople, which was the capital of the Byzantine Empire.

The cistern was a portal to the past: the location was restored by Justinian I, Teodora's husband. The Empress, being very close to her husband's political and administrative affairs, likely walked through these very halls alongside her spouse- our Teodora reinterpretation met her past self. A reunion.

A reunion that extended to other powerful Byzantine empresses. The pieces personified these figures through the clothing: a metaphorical meeting that transcends time and place. Each of our garment embodies the spirit of a different empress—Sofia, Maria, Teodora, Anastasia to name a few.

At Binbirdirek Cistern the Byzantine Empresses came together, co-creating a sense of sisterhood among these powerful women across eras. They united, standing together, their potent, self-loving, astute, confident energy, converging into one.

The Teodora Collection is more than just clothing; it's a narrative, a bridge between worlds, a celebration of the timeless strength that all women possess—a strength that can never be taken away.

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