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The Art of Fashion

What if you could wear art?

The philosophy behind Risa Venezia is the deep-rooted connection between art and fashion. Unlike fast fashion, sustainability and good quality materials are the backbone of Risa. At fast fashion's polar opposite resides art, a slow and quality-driven practice. Could there be a happy medium? What if you could wear art?

Risa Venezia: be unique, dress unique. We relish the taste of art in fashion by tapping into its creative realm. The production process is such that no two pieces are the same. The wearer knows that they are a part of an exclusive club. This is what makes Risa unique, enhancing your uniqueness simultaneously.

The ingredients for a masterpiece are beauty and quality. The secret behind anything long-lasting is the material as well as the techniques used to create something. Sculptures that have survived for centuries, for instance, have been carved using premium high-quality marble. Similarly, Risa aims to use superior textiles. The laborious process of creating these materials with hand, a rarity these days. The ancient techniques are what emphasise the art of fashion in Risa.

Finding treasure in textile. A rarity so rare that is often out-of-production. Expensive and slow to produce, in a world that values time over quality they are extinct creatures. Highly valuable unused textiles even from the 1980s and 90s were discovered after research by Risa's designer, scoping them out while looking through previous collections.

When the world moves so fast, it becomes paramount to value a fashion that moves slow. Researching the right textiles is art. The composition of materials is art. Finding the highest-skilled artisans is art. To create Risa fashion is art. It is a slow time-consuming process that unveils the sweetest fruit.

It is not just about the right textiles, it is also about the designs, and the carefully deliberated process of designing each and every inch of an article of clothing. The way a piece is crafted is similar to the creative process of a painter. There is thought put into the canvas, the kind of paint, the brushes, the colours used, and the technique of the smallest brushstroke. Every single detail is pondered upon and deeply researched to the point of perfection. With Risa, finding the perfect fabric is a priority, but also the way those materials are put together to create a unique blend of beautiful-looking garments. Pieces so priceless; a wearable painting.

The way a singular article of clothing has been crafted with so much care and research, the quality automatically reaches a level of artistry that is distinct and rare. The art of fashion has not just been a part of Risa Venezia, it is also the soul of the brand.

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