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Over the past 25 years, there have definitely been improvements in the field of sustainable fashion. If nothing, at least the awareness has been spread across all businesses around the world. Many have jumped to the opportunity, taking advantage of the climate urgency to sell to companies new business models which now include recycling, resale, rental, reuse, and repair, marketed as environmental life savers. Innovation has been very nuanced, and we are afraid that to simplify the action towards such complex topics as either solely positive or negative is derogatory and uncooperative.

Today’s fast fashion, which dominates the modern fashion industry, depletes the Earth’s natural resources, exploits workers around the world, and is the second most pulling industry in the world as it persists to intentionally design clothing that needs to be consumed fast and at cheap prices. This leads to the creation of a collective mentality that see commodities as disposable and drives continuous, mindless consumption. Humans are indirectly dehumanizing the workers who create the clothing the majority of us wear.


Luxury and sustainable fashion goes hand in hand. The environmental sustainability of the production at RISA VENEZIA is four-fold as listed below:

  • Stock Fabrics: RISA upcycles pre-consumer waste, which means material that has never been used that would normally be thrown away—for example, virgin materials, leftover scraps, or excess fabric that never reached the consumer. Therefore we have a 0 waste output in terms of textile production, minimizing the majority of pollution emitted during the typical clothing-production cycle

  • Durability: We pride ourselves on crafting enduring garments of exceptional quality, ensuring longevity in every stitch and fabric choice (furniture textiles) which are more durable in time due to higher quality and heaviness of texture.

  • Versatility: Our commitment is to create versatile and enduring garments that not only stand the test of time but also offer transformative style to be worn in more than one way.

  • Size Adjustment: The garments can be worn throughout time as the body changes.

Most one-of-a-kind pieces can be morphed into a different style and shape: one single garment holds the potential to be transformed into various ones, yet again expanding the approach to sustainable fashion.

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