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Venice, the port bridging the East and the West, served as a melting pot of cultural exchanges,

shaping the world we know today. Every Risa collection is an ode to places, peoples, and

cultures touched by Venice's historical embrace. The city's pivotal role during the Byzantine Empire echoes in the architectural marvels of Piazza San Marco and its enduring influence on the world.

At the heart of this collection is Empress Teodora, a beacon of intellect and resilience

in Byzantine Constantinople. Her unwavering power defied attempts to distort her image,

inspiring this collection that celebrates not just her, but all the bold Byzantine empresses who ruled with grace amid challenges.


As a Risa trademark, the pieces transcend the confines of conventional sizing. The designs are crafted to empower women, guiding them towards their inner empress. Versatility takes center stage with detachable sleeves, convertible gowns, and adaptable pieces, allowing wearers to express

their individual power and personal style. The choice of precious end-of-the-roll textiles and intricate passementerie mirrors the prestige and quality embodied by the women who wear them.


A statement of power, rebellion, and bold beauty. The intention behind the designs is to motivate women to stand firm in times of unrest, showing resilience, and embracing their strength withing every thread. This collection is a celebration of the diverse, powerful, and fierce empress within every woman.

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