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"Inside our laboratory the craft of the mosaic is performed entirely by hand

with rigour and sartorial precision."

The San Martino al Tagliamento company was officially founded in 1987 from the passion of its founder, the master mosaicist William Bertoia, who founded the company together with two young partners. 30 employees work diligently in the company, all highly qualified craftsmen from the historic Mosaic School of Friuli in Spilimbergo, who create the mosaic works entirely by hand with rigour and sartorial precision applied to every phase of the process.

"A company with an ancient heart and an eye facing the future of artistic mosaic tradition and innnovation: two dimensions intertwined in an indissoluble way which have characterized the artisan philosophy and the entrepreneurial vision of friul mosaic from the beginning."

Friul Mosaic Srl still remains deeply linked to its territory. With an eye always turned to the future and to the new possibilities of application of this covering with such ancient origins, the San Martino al Tagliamento company has characterized its activity in research aimed at identifying new forms, meanings and paths in the world of artistic mosaic .

Hence the commitment to combine tradition and classic patterns, the study of ancient textures and materials, with original design ideas to be re-proposed in a modern key.

The projects draw inspiration from the most varied themes: from nature to great works of art, from mythological themes to neoclassicism, up to modern mosaic as a complement to interior design. The operational heart of Friul Mosaic is the atelier, where the stone, marble and Venetian enamels produced by the ancient laboratories of Venice and Murano, thanks to the sensitivity and skill of the artisans, take shape in precious artistic and architectural solutions, intended to enrich floors and coverings in the residential, hospitality, retail and wellness sectors.

Bespoke Mosaic Art Atelier
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