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Founded in 1968 by sculptor artist jeweler Diego Percossi Papi who has created a unique personal style. Both for the shapes that for processing techniques, the creative inspiration comes from history, absorbed and processed through unusual cultural and artistic abilities. The ancient technique of cloisonné and the use of enamels and coloured stones create an harmonious symbiosis between old traditions and the latest and innovative trend of fashion. Percossi Papi jewels are beloved by a transversal target: artists intellectuals diplomats aristocratic and royal families, but also by cinema and fashion. Not being a mass product Percossi Papi jewel is an object of desire, always with different details and sometimes unrepeatable in its entirety because one kind off.


The main manufacturing is cloisonné technique, an ancient manual technique that has its roots in Egyptian and Byzantine jewelry. The decorations are formed by sectors defined by different colours of enamel with addition of stones and pearls. The production is extremely various and goes from large jewels to objects d’art. The materials are gold-plated silver 925/1000 and gold 750/1000 with natural semiprecious and precious stones and pearls as well as micromosaics with natural pearls, hand made original themes miniatures and cameos. 


Sharing a passion for history and culture, we have joined forces to create a collection that transports viewers back in time, immersing them in the opulence and magnificence of the Byzantine Empire. The Byzantine collection stands out for its skillful use of royal colours, luxurious fabrics and intricate details. Percossi Papi's jewels, adorned with precious stones and golden details, integrate perfectly with Risa Venezia's clothes, creating a visual harmony that evokes the very essence of Byzantine grandeur.

Unique Jewellery with Unique Style
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