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    An iridescent taffetà becomes a short stitched jacket that is full of surprises. On the back, in fact, stands an imposing complicated arabesque embroidered with silk velvet. Another surprise hides in its interiors: the crispy and metal exterior, that resembles an armour, is protecting a soft and warm stitched interior, making the piece double face.


    This jacket is inspired by the Fenice Theater, as the garment’s arabesque resembles the patterns that adorn the palace’s ceiling. The warm yet elegant soft copper hue that pervades in the main room, is mirrored by the juxtaposition between the jacket’s metallic exterior and its soft interior. It transports the wearer to the theater’s stalls, amongst ladies and knights that attended captivating performances.


    Its matching bag comes with the jacket, as a token of our appreciation towards our customers.

    • Size: fits up to an XXL

      100% Made in Italy

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