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    An iridescent taffetà becomes a short stitched jacket that is full of surprises. On the back, in fact, stands an imposing complicated arabesque embroidered with silk velvet. Another surprise hides in its interiors: the crispy and metal exterior, that resembles an armour, is protecting a soft and warm stitched interior, making the piece double face.


    This jacket is inspired by the Fenice Theater, as the garment’s arabesque resembles the patterns that adorn the palace’s ceiling. The warm yet elegant soft copper hue that pervades in the main room, is mirrored by the juxtaposition between the jacket’s metallic exterior and its soft interior. It transports the wearer to the theater’s stalls, amongst ladies and knights that attended captivating performances.


    Its matching bag comes with the jacket, as a token of our appreciation towards our customers.


      Size: fits any size

      100% Made in Italy


      In the evaluation of the production costs of a RISA garment, some aspects that are specific to our product must be taken into account:

      - We want to maintain an equatable and fair pay for the artisans, in order to sustain this precious tradition

      - Absolutely everything is made in Italy

      - The fabrics used come from the most luxurious and precious Italian furniture companies in the sector

      - Their characteristics are carefully selected and evaluated so that they are coupled in perfect harmony

      - The recycled fabric of these exclusive companies are then coupled with fine fabrics (wool, silk, cotton, linen) to complete the garment while maintaining the high standard that distinguishes us

      - This process is made for every garment produced by Risa: they are all unique and unrepeatable models. Therefore, they are all considered “sample” pieces in common fashion production terms, because they all need to go through the pre-selection, dismemberment, selection, assembly phases, followed by multiple iterations with the artisans. If you are interested to know more about our production process, you can find it below


      A first pre-selection takes place when the samples must be dismembered and the tissues evaluated.

      Then we move on to the stage of selection of fabrics according to their size, weight and different compositions of materials.

      After these first two phases, the materials thus divided pass to the creative department where the different combinations and uses are hypothesized.

      Then, the fabrics are evaluated by our artisans who, after having made the appropriate pattern, must verify the quantity, consistency and workability of the combinations.

      After the first encounter, the product control team has to constantly follow the artisans in the tailoring process, intervening with further iterations and implementations so that the realization takes place with the utmost care and attention. This process is in tight collaboration with the artisans, and their expertise guides our decisions.

      Finally, the garment returns to the style department where all the accessories that will contribute to giving that additional touch of creativity and imagination that RISA garments never lack are chosen: buttons, trimmings, belts, etc.

      The final result of this laborious process is a RISA garment: unique, perfect in its different harmonies created by the skilful artisanal combination of fabrics, colors and shapes.


      Mixed materials

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