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    Crafted in homage to Empress Irene of Athens, the Irene Duster Jacket is inspired by the revolutionary spirit of the first Byzantine empress to rule alone. A rebel for her time, Irene fearlessly wielded her power, a narrative mirrored in this garment, which encourages the wearer to embrace their worth and confidently display it. With regal aesthetics reflecting Irene’s commanding presence, the Irene Duster stands as a tribute to the empowerment that comes with recognizing and asserting one’s strength and authority.


    This duster jacket is one of the most precious pieces of the entire collection, being reversible with both sides crafted from 100% silk, offering two pieces in one. The intricate passementerie adorning both sides is sourced from the most precious materials in the furniture industry, adding an extra touch of luxury and sophistication.

    • Composition

      Body: 100% Silk, both sides
      Pockets: 100% Silk, custom embroidery used for a Venetian palace by prestigious brand named Contessina

      100% Made in Italy

      All material is repurposed precious stock from the Italian furniture industry. The composition of your garment will change accordingly to your choice of textile.

    The product will take 2 months to be ready. Since every garment is one-of-a-kind, please add what kind of color and any other specifics to the notes section at checkout.
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