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    Named in homage to Byzantine Empress Martina, this set draws strength from her legacy as an empress during times of political unrest. Martina's name, a Latin feminine form of Martinus derived from Mars, the Roman god of war, resonates with the piece's empowering energy. Martina is designed for the modern woman navigating the battles of daily life. It trasmits the regal energy of an empress, providing the strength needed to conquer everyday challenges with grace and power.

    • Composition

      Body: 100% Italian linen
      Buttons: Pearls, Vintage Italian Buttons from the 80's

      100% Made in Italy

      All material is repurposed precious stock from the Italian furniture industry. The composition of your garment will change accordingly to your choice of textile.

    The product will take 2 months to be ready. Since every garment is one-of-a-kind, please add what kind of color and any other specifics to the notes section at checkout.
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