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  • ZOE

    The Zoe blouse embodies the spirit of resilience and intrigue inspired by the Byzantine empress of the same name. Zoe, a figure of remarkable historical significance, navigated the complexities of Byzantine politics with grace and determination, witnessing turbulent events while shaping the course of history through her marriages and influence. Much like the empress herself amidst the political intrigues of her time, the Zoe blouse evokes confidence and sophistication.

    • Composition

      Body: 90% Italian linen 10% Silk
      Collar: 100% Silk

      100% Made in Italy

      All material is repurposed precious stock from the Italian furniture industry. The composition of your garment will change accordingly to your choice of textile.

    The product will take 2 months to be ready. Since every garment is one-of-a-kind, please add what kind of color and any other specifics to the notes section at checkout.
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